ARS Productions

Technotronic ‎– Trip On This - The Remixes

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(*findme. 已經為您測試卡式帶,S級代表的音質為最高,其次是A級。)

Artist: Technotronic
Album: Trip On This - The Remixes
Genre: Electronic
Label: ARS Productions
Released: 1990


  1. Techno Medley (Pettibone Mix)
  2. Spin That Wheel (Morales Spineter Mix)
  3. This Beat Is Technotronic (Dust Mix)
  4. Get Up (Happy Jack Mix)
  5. Raw Update
  6. Turn It Up
  7. Rockin' Over The Beat (Rockin' Over Manchester Hacienda Mix)
  8. Pump Up The Jam (Terry Dome Mix)
  9. Take It Slow (Fab Bibulous Mix)
  10. Megamix (Hit Radio Version)